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Multiple Branches

We understand the challenges of running multiple branches within a business.We therefore empower businesses to manage their remote operations effeciently.

Multiple Users

NadaERP gives businesses full freedom on the number of users to access and use the applications, regulate and monitor user activities on the system.

No Hardware

We acknowledge you dont have a budget for expensive hardware, deploy your system in the cloud at a very small fee and access it with any device; smartphone, tablet, ipad, PC.

Pay for Use

The days of buying expensive license keys are over, pay only for the application and specific use. Businesses can pay for ocassional data processing only.


NadaERP allow dynamic configurations for your use, design and implement own workflows with NadaERP, ask for any custom report.

Ease of Use & Access

We have labored to ensure the system is user friendly.Security has not been compromised either in our effort to facilitate ease of access across multiple devices.

NadaERP will inspire Success in your small or midsize business.

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