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Most Trusted Microfinance, SACCO, Chama & Banking Information Management System

What is Esacco?

Esacco is a scalable solution designed to manage needs of Microfinance Institutions, Banks, Saving & credit cooperative organizations (SACCOs), Matatu Saccos, Welfare groups, Chamas, Pension schemes, and other Microfinance organizations; promoting accountability, transparency, enhancing efficiency and cost cutting.

Our Features

Since 2013 Esacco has stood out as a stable innovative Solution for Microfinance Institutions, SACCOs, Banks, Chamas and other Financial orgnizations looking to tap to Web, Mobile and Cloud Technology

Working Solution

Esacco has been working for over two years, several organizations have trusted Esacco for their operations to great satisfaction. With real-time (24/07) support we guarantee you smooth transition to harnessing the power of Esacco.

Secure Operations

Your data is 100% safe ! What would happen if you lost all the computers. Esacco ensures your data is encrypted, intruders cannot make sense of the data without Esacco installation. Esacco ensures redundant data backup locally and remotely, even with loss of your computer, your data is safe. Never again worry about unauthorized access, assign specific roles to system users and audit their activities on the system.

International Regulatory Compliance & Approval

We know what regulatory bodies requires from you. Comply to International Accounting Procedures, Tax Requirements of different countries, regulatory and statutory bodies of various countries such as SASRA, IFRS, IASB, GAAP, WOOCU

Scalable Solution

This is a precise solution, customized for your particular need, enforce all your unique by-laws, policy and regulations smoothly, add features as you grow. Irrespective of your size, diverse requirements and challenges, Esacco guarantees satisfaction. Never again pay for unnecessary baggage!.

Excellent System Support.

Support round the clock is a guarantee, we support you via online chats, phone, emails, onlines tool like Teamviewer and even site visits. Our Support center continue to grow in numbers; more professionals to serve you. We are 24/07 listening to you.

Ease of Integration via APIs

Esacco taps into the modern technology, allowing integration with other applications via API such as SMS gateways, payment gateways, Third Party mobile Applications, Online Banking Technologies, Ecommerce Applications, Accounting and other Software Applications. Integration has allowed extension of functionality and Ecosytem driven customization to the platform

Increased productivity, ease of compliance and a Technology Edge are some of benefits that we have enjoyed from Esacco

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Why Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Subscribe to use Esacco as a service, select a suitable package and pay monthly fees. Enjoy all Esacco features but most importantly access your system remotely using authorized devices.Excellent support and updates guaranteed. This is most affordable SACCO software packages. No installation costs!. This allows the client to invest in internet instead of expensive computer hardware

  • 100% Uptime

  • Redundant Backup

  • Easy Data Restore Options

  • Bulletproof Secure

  • 256bit Data Encryption

  • 2 Way Authentication

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Loan Processing & Credit Scoring

  • Fixed Deposit & Savings Products

Mobile & Online Banking

Esacco powers online and mobile banking technology of top microfinance institutions in Kenya and Africa at large. Secure, Robust, Agile and Readily Scalable technology allow financial institution to have a digital technology edge without at a fraction of their operating budgets.

Mobile & Online Banking

Esacco powers mobile and online banking in top Microfinance Institutions in Kenya and across Africa.
Esacco robust, agile, secure, high scalable technology has accorded Microfinance Institutions, Saccos, Banks, technology edge in this competitive financial industry at a fraction of traditional IT budgets.

Esacco adoption takes a fraction of time when compared to hectic, lengthy system adoption period of legacy software systems.


A simplified Chama application serving investment group of upto 50 members.
Allows members to register their bio data in simplified steps.
The applications captures savings, loans,contributions and investments from individual members.
Esacco for CHAMAs allows capturing other sources of income directly to the CHAMA’s bank account.
Also captures expenses and purchases from the CHAMA’s funds.
Uniquely Esacco allow capture and management of CHAMA’s group investments in fixed assets like Land, earning Assets like buildings, vehicles, bodaboda, matatu, financial products like bonds, fixed deposits, stock e.t.c
Esacco performs bookkeeping, bank reconciliation and accounting posting in real time.


Esacco serves over 100 SACCOs
Allow registration of members, saving and loan capture.
Comprehensive loan management system capturing straightline and reducing balance interest models.
Allow capture of multiple loan fees as well as in depth loan appraisal through guarantor management, loan processing and automated disbursement.
Esacco provide in depth accounting functionality like chart of accounts, journals, ledgers, Trial balance, Cash book and other financial reporting.
Allow easy bank reconciliation, budgeting, e.t.c
Members are able to access online and mobile banking services from their Saccos.
And ofcourse important integration with MPESA, Bank Account, IPRS, CRB, among others.

Microfinance Institutions

Microfinance Institutions
Esacco powers several MFIs in Kenya and across Africa.
Provide powerful and intelligent KYC for MFIs.
The easy of modelling credit products through Risk Management and Loan Management module is second to none.
Onboard tools complement marketing efforts – SMS campaigns, SMS alerts and notifications, emails,
Finance reporting and accounting module plus 100+ reports form the core of the business intelligence module.
And ofcourse important integration with MPESA, Bank Account, IPRS, CRB, among others.

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