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Cloud Technology Solutions

Smart Cloud Solution empowering the people

Customization & Intergration

Custom Applications and workflows are required to make software solution a success in a business set up. At the height of globalization software applications have evolved to verticals each serving a particular niche only. Total solution delivery can only be achieved after application integration. We have customized and integrated across all the industries; discover our exposure and skills today.


We have invested in experts across all industries in our domain through partnership, acquisitions, contracts and certifications. Find an expert for your strategic project who will deliver beyond the blueprints.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

The best customer relationship can only be achieved in a conflict free environment. At Ryanada Training serves as a strategy to reduce areas of Customer Relations Conflict and therefore Training is not just Training. Every Training session is handled by experts trained and seasoned for their industries of expertise. Discover the power of a an educated and seasoned specialist trainer today.

Supporting Cloud Technology

Infrastructure as a Service

Ryanada is a market leader in IaaS through Cloudpap. Cloudpap provides Simple, Powerful, Reliable and Inexpensive SSD Cloud from multiple locations such as Nairobi, Cairo, Johannesburg, Montreal, Gravelines, Strasbourg, Kansas, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore, and counting..

Platform as a Service

Ryanada provides platform as service in the finance and investment industry. Jisort.com is a platform supporting an ecosystem working towards simplified, more reliable and less bureacratic banking services. Truehost Cloud is a platfrom providing affordable suite of web, email and application cloud hosting globally.

Software as a Service

Ryanada's Esacco is probably the best cloud microfinance management information system. A software vertical that automate operations in CHAMAs, SACCOs, MFIs and Banks. Support a wide range of integrations through powerful APIs.

Award Winning Support

We place support at the core of a project success. Ryanada Support Center provides unparalleled support to our esteemed customers. Support has been reengineered for seamless and timely delivery. Quality 24 /07 – 365 support is provided on a multi-channel platform. We support you via online applications chats, Skype, Hangout, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networks in real-time. Phone and Emails are other support channels for our customers. Support is a customer right at Ryanada; discover the redefinition of support today

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

Big Data & Analytics

After years of data handling and processing in the financial industry, Ryanada has engineered a transformational technology on Big data and business analytics. Jisort process thousands petabytes of data a month drawing rich reports, analytics and trends. Each day Jisort move closer to her goal of making banking simple, reliable and less corporate - social banking

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