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Automation of operations

Automation of operations/ Business workflow Process Refer to the system customizations and development geared towards automated data capture in real-time operations. Expected Benefit from Automation can be summarized as: - Increased Efficiency - Cost cutting effect - Time savings- reduced time of operations - Real-time data capture and reporting - Multibranch operations I.e. Efficiency in time, space and finance

Data security & Integrity

Data security & Integrity Refer to system controls, practices and procedures geared towards safeguard of an organization’s data. Data is safeguard from - Data loss via loss of storage devices - Data intrusion – authorized access to data - Data corruption – from virus and malware programs - Loss of data integrity – loss of data consistency and information value as at time of capture. I.e. Data security and integrity guarantees business continuity

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation Refer to system controls, practices and procedures geared towards reduction of risk levels. Partnering with Ryanada answers the following critical questions. What would happen –? a. If servers and computers got vandalized, loss of hard disks. Ryanada offers a daily offsite backup option to her partners and therefore in the event of this eventuality a partner is restored to previous day backup. b. If there was a data intrusion; unauthorized access. Ryanada Systems store data in encrypted format and therefore the intruder will not make sense of the data. c. If server was hacked or virus and malware corrupt the data. From Ryanada offsite backup, a partner is restored to a healthy position after sealing the loophole and preventing further attack.

Aide Managerial Decision making

Aide Managerial Decision making Refer to the data processing operations to deliver rich information from raw data captured. This is achieved through reports, graphs, charts, model, and maps among other visuals. Can be summarized as business intelligence. - Business intelligences ensures - Expedited decision making process - Informed decision making - Timely alerts and warnings on performance Ryanada Business intelligence gives a partnering business a supernormal competitive edge.

Reseller Network

Ryanada has reseller opportunity to distinguished individuals with vision of transforming finance and business management through technology. Resellers introduces customers to Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost  and have them subscribed to use the services.

Ryanada offers up to 18% monthly commission to the Resellers, resellers can monitor their clients from their accounts.

Resellers help in maintaining cordial relationships with customers.

Ryanada has also partnered with several multilevel marketing (network marketing) agencies who play a vital role in our quest to empower enterprises through technology.

Contact us to learn how to get started as a Ryanada reselling partner.

Technical Partners

Technical partners include certified trainers and implementers’. These partners assist clients in timely adoption of Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost to their operations. Certification is awarded after completion of training and induction programmes from Ryanada .

The program is expected to grow with time as Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost reaches more people.

Contact us for more details on Technical Partnership


Developers form critical part of our family.They contribute greatly in making Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost inclusive platforms. Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost aspire to have a platform with millions of third party applications serving different customer needs.

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Bloggers and technical writers play a vital role in educating our clients and potential clients about Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost. They have helped Esacco, CloudPap.com & TrueHost in reaching the people. Esacco remain committed in availing resource to bloggers and writers. Contact us for more details on Bloggers Partnership.


We recognize the importance of each individual and his or her active role in the success of the entire company.

We provide our people opportunities to grow and feel motivated in their accomplishments.

We encourage the flow of communication and exchange of ideas through all levels of the company.