NadaERP is a smart business ERP targeting Small and Medium Enterprises.
NadaERP automate business logic and workflow across all industries.
Top used modules include Sales Module, Billing Module, Inventory Module, Purchasing Module, Customer Relations Module, Supplier Relations Module,Human Resource Management and Payroll Module, Account Receivable, Account Payable, General Ledger and Financial Reporting, Property Accounting, among others
Key Clients include Colleges and Institutions of Learning, Retail Enterprise, Wholesale and Distribution Enterprises, NGOs, Government Institutions, Financial entities, Insurance companies, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Developers, Housing Cooperatives e.t.c 

Estate Management System

Estate manager is a software that aid operations of real estate agent in managing apartments, rentals,
and other renting and leasing out premises.
Basic Functions
i.Issue receipts for monthly payments
ii.Tenant Account at glance/ group and individual
iii.Issue periodical statements to tenants
iv.Issue statements to landlord less a given commission and expenses
v.Banking reconciliation
vi.Track expenses
vii.Capture full tenant information
viii.Send reminders to tenants
ix.Capture properties features/ register property dynamically
x.Capture deposits issued
xi.Facilitate deposit refund
xii.Allow capture of tenants communication for repairs or complains
xiii.Capture tenants meter readings if need be.
xiv.Issue consolidated report for a property
xv.Issue consolidated report for landlord with several properties
xvi.Issue system alerts for defaulters
xvii.System is a web based system that is securely accessible from anywhere as long there is
Internet connection, access via Smartphone, tablets, computers anywhere.

Procurement Management System


NadaERP purchasing module allows automation of procurement process in line with the various regulations like PPOA. 

Managing the entire process of:  

Managing Suppliers,  

Item Requisition,  

Receiving Quotations,  

Raising LPO/ LSO,  

Inspecting Goods and Issuing Delivery Note,  

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Procurement Reports. 



NadaERP Inventory module automates inventory management within a company. 

The module captures all the activities including:  

Receiving Supplied Goods (into different stores),  

Adjustments and Stock Transfers,  

Internal store Requisition and Store Issue, (both for office consumption and project execution)  

Consumption per zone or project  

Reorder Level Alerts  Supernormal consumption Alerts  Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, 

Annual Inventory Reports.  

Benefits to be accrued by the company for using the software: 

1. Centralization of company data: the software runs from a server and utilizes task specific user accounts. Centralizing of Inventory Data ensures easy and timely reporting, easy and secure data management. 

2. Data Security: Centralized database guarantees high level data security; as long as the server is secure the data is secure. System has other inbuilt features that ensure data security and integrity. Such features include audit trail – user activities within the system are tracked and comprehensively recorded promoting transparency and accountability 

3. High Customizable: the system can be easily changed to meet the requirements of the organization now or in future. 

4. Business Intelligence: The system provides many and comprehensive custom reports that are very informative to the management; such reports include;  

Store reports  

Purchases report  

Supplier contacts  

Inventory transfer report  

Low stock Alerts  

Stock item Consumption  

Consolidated procurement reports