Jisort is a platform that allow MFIs, Microfinance Institutions, SACCOs, Credit Unions, Lending Organizations to Reach, Appraise, Lend, Disburse Microloans to the People.

Jisort for borrowers is accessible through a mobile app accessible from the app stores.

android app
 android app

download the android app from google playstore  


Allows borrowers to compare and review different financial products as availed by the financial partners. 

Each product has different requirements and target market. Borrowers can apply for any product – decision to lend or offer the product rest with the financial partner.

Jisort  for Lenders is a robust platform that allow financial partners MFIs, small banks, microfinance institutions, credit unions, lending organizations, Insurance companies, SACCOs and other Cooperatives to create their financial products, publish them to the people and receive applications. 

Appraise applicants, lend/offer the service, disburse and manage the transactions.

The platform evolved from Esacco and continues to evolve to serve need of the financial institutions.

NB: Esacco has been the best SACCO system, loan management information system and Microfinance Management System

Some of the core modules include:

  1. KYC – member/ Client registration
  2.  Loan management Module
  3. Client Payment Module – integrated with banks and mobile money
  4. Fixed Deposit Management Module
  5. Accounting and Financial Management Module
  6. Property Management Module
  7. Human Resource and Payroll Module
  8. Reporting and Analytics
  9. Customer Relationship Management Module
  10. SMS Module
  11. Member/Client Internet Banking / Online Access
jisort also allow offline data capture using our offline 2 online app

website: http://www.jisort.com/